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A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City– Benefiting

Buyers, Sellers, AND Real Estate Agents!

Many real estate agents view a home inspection as a necessary evil that can delay or derail a sale — serving only to point out problems to potential buyers.

At A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City, we believe a home inspection should add value and promote the sale of a home, not hinder it. After all, every home has a price and all homes have positive attributes. Shouldn’t all inspection reports reflect the good as well as the bad? With that, here are:

7 Ways A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City
Promotes Home Sales:

1. Fair and Balanced Reporting

The purpose of an inspection shouldn’t be only to point out problems. It should be to provide a fair and balanced evaluation of a home’s condition. That’s why A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City reports the positive attributes of a house as well, giving you true confidence knowing our inspectors are well trained to handle the job .

2. No required “further evaluations”… Guaranteed

Ever get an inspection report only to find that it suggests you hire another third party (plumber, electrician, etc) for “further evaluation?” This is the response of far too many inspectors who are not properly educated or trained to provide a complete home inspection in Kansas City. With A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City , one call covers it all. We guarantee no 3rd party further evaluations will be necessary or we will pay the expense. That saves you time, money, and a whole lot of hassle.

3. Guaranteed Protection for Buyers and Sellers

For enhanced MLS listings, our guarantee goes a step beyond other inspection guarantees by transferring protection to the buyer. Our guarantee ensures that unreported repairs come out of our pocket — not theirs. That’s a key selling point that gives buyers true piece of mind, and it’s a cornerstone of the A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City protection.

4. Sell Homes Faster and For More Money

It has been shown that pre-inspected listings sell faster and for more money than comparable homes that were not pre-inspected. With A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City Exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned Home®” program, your listings stand out and attract the attention of more and more serious buyers.

5. Added Professionalism

A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City reports are clean professional written and easy to understand. Having an A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City report to hand to prospective buyers makes you look good and helps you recommend us with confidence.

6. More Accurate Pricing

A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City reports can provide optional important valuation information that help real estate agents justify the selling price of the home to their potential clients. Generally, the closer a home is listed to its fair value, the faster it will sell!

7. Eliminates 11th Hour Renegotiation

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected issue curtailing an otherwise smooth sale. A-Pro home Inspection Kansas City reports alert buyers of issues (and benefits) beforehand and can help eliminate roadblocks that delay or prevent a sale.

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